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The Art of Filigree: A Colombian Legacy

Filigree jewelry has a long and rich history in Colombia, a craft passed down through generations, shaping the nation's cultural heritage and artistry.

Dating back to pre-Columbian times, the indigenous Zenú and Tairona peoples of Colombia were skilled in the filigree art form, creating pieces that were both detailed and intricate. These early artisans harnessed the technique of twisting fine threads of precious metals into delicate, lace-like designs.

This ancient craft flourished during the colonial period, enriched by Spanish influences and the abundant gold mines in the region. The city of Mompox became a hub for filigree work, owing to its strategic location along the Magdalena River. The mastery of the Mompox goldsmiths still resonates today, with the city being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fast forward to the present day, filigree remains integral to Colombian jewelry design. OH VOILA, keeping this time-honored tradition alive, meticulously handcrafts filigree pieces that reflect the ancient craft's essence while seamlessly integrating a contemporary twist.

Our jewelry, created from the hands of master artisans, intertwines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, resulting in creations that are not only jewelry but art. Each piece tells a story - of a tradition preserved, of a craft mastered, and of a legacy carried forth.

Through OH VOILA, we're privileged to showcase the beauty of Colombian filigree to the world, a testament to the country's rich history, skilled craftsmanship, and artistic spirit.

Join us in celebrating this incredible tradition, and experience the allure of Colombian filigree for yourself with our exclusive handmade jewelry pieces.

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