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A Journey into the Artistic Universe of Oh Voila Jewelry

 The creative mind behind "Oh Voila" is the Colombian jewelry designer Alejandra Garcia. Following her dream of popularizing the ancient hand-crafted technique known as filigree, Garcia embarked on a journey to Germany and then the United States, a path as intriguing as her stunning pieces of jewelry.


The Art of Filigree


Also known as “the art of patience,” a filigree piece takes anywhere between half a day and two weeks. It involves twisting, weaving, and braiding gold and silver wire threads to create delicate designs, which are then soldered to the surface of gold and silver objects. The labor-intensive technique requires creativity, a keen eye for detail and immense patience.


Often associated with the lacy quality of hand-made antique jewelry, the origins of filigree can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt around 2600-2500 BC. The craft flourished in the Greek and Roman eras, and was later adapted across Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America.



Oh Voila's creations take the tradition of Colombian filigree to new heights by merging ancient practices with a modern aesthetic. Garcia honors the integrity of this age-old technique while infusing each design with her own unique contemporary twist.


A reflection of Nature's Charm: A Journey into the Artistic Universe of Oh Voila Jewelry


Garcia, influenced by the natural world around her, has created jewelry that harmoniously blends texture with organic patterns and forms found in nature. Oh Voila’s artistic pieces truly represent a tribute to the beauty of nature.


OH VOILA: Jewelry with a Twist


Alejandra Garcia has mastered the art of designing pieces that cater to a range of occasions. Her designs transition from being the statement piece at a glamorous event to adding a touch of elegance to everyday casual wear.


Garcia's vision of jewelry is of an ornament that becomes more than just an accessory. By putting her own "twist" into every hand-made piece, Garcia’s gentle shaping of each design weaves a part of the story that is shared throughout Oh Voila. Every piece in Oh Voila’s collection can be celebrated and cherished not only by its uniqueness and its beauty, but for the craftsmanship and the artistic spirit it radiates.


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